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What We Do

Our printed bulletin covers are designed as a legal-size sheet of paper with a color icon appropriate for each Sunday of the liturgical year. A commentary about that week's icon, the scripture reading assigned for that Sunday, a saint commemorated that coming week, or some other related topic is preprinted on the full color sheet.

An eight week supply is shipped together in one package, based on the quantity each parish requests (usually in multiples of fifty.)

We ship via special courier service to provide a reliable delivery and tracking service. The bulletins are shipped flat for use in standard laser printers or photo copiers.

Each parish then prints their own local information (liturgy schedule, donations, announcements, upcoming events) on the blank side. The bulletins are then ready to be folded in half and passed out to parishioners at Sunday services each week.

We also provide a special two-sided insert sheet for Holy Week and the Christmas Season. Special extra copies can be ordered for Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, the Sunday before Christmas and the Sunday after Christmas when the parish attendance usually increases.

Electronic Downloads

We offer an Electronic Sunday Bulletin product line to complement our printed version. Select the Catalog where you can buy and download PDF files in three ready-to-print formats: Letter, Legal and Tabloid. Downloads will be available monthly with four (or five) Sundays in each download file, for just $10 per month or $2.50 per week. You can print as many copies as you need for your parish, but we ask that you not re-distribute or otherwise copy the PDF file -- we have not put any security on the artwork to make it easier to use.

We will offer four different versions/calendars with appropriate icons for the Feasts, Scripture readings, or Saints for each Sunday, each month and each year, according to the following calendars:



Benefits of bulletin covers from ECBS:

  • Bright beautiful, attractive images
  • Appropriate icons selected, yet new each year
  • Commentary lessons relevant to daily life

Printed Bulletins

  • Legal size sheets allow more announcement space
  • High quality paper reduces copy machine jams and look much better
  • Shipped via FedEx provides precise tracking and delivery
  • Eight week batches allows efficient storing and planning
  • Special two-sided prayer reflection inserts optional for Christmas and Holy Week
  • Special quantity orders accepted for Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday and Christmas

Electronic Downloads

  • unique and custom design for each Sunday, each month -- not stock artwork
  • three different sizes of PDF formats ready to print
  • an icon for each Sunday along with a text commentary for catechetical enrichment
  • economical method for small parishes to design and print their own color bulletins
  • simple website payment and download each month