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What We Provide

ECBS offers printed subscription services for two different calendars:

Gregorian Calendar (Byzantine Catholic) - New Calendar Dates for both Fixed feasts and Pascha and Pentecost

Revised Julian Calendar (Eastern Orthodox) - New calendar for Fixed Feasts and Old Calendar for Pascha and Pentecost

Our Electronic Download version include four different calendars:

  • Byzantine Catholic -- the Byzantine Catholic liturgical calendar with the Gregorian date for Easter
  • Eastern Orthodox -- the Orthodox liturgical calendar of Gregorian dates for fixed feasts, and the Julian date for Easter
  • Roman Catholic -- the Roman Catholic lexicon for readings, feast days and saints
  • Protestant -- the Revised Common Lectionary for most Protestant Churches (United Methodist, Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopal, etc.)

Each monthly download file contains four or five Sundays for each month, and we offer the option to download letter, legal or tabloid size artwork, ready to print.

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Some examples of our Sunday bulletin covers

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