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Who We Are

Eastern Christian Bulletin Service is a subsidiary of Eastern Christian Publications of Fairfax, Virginia. We are dedicated to providing high quality, full color Sunday church bulletin covers for all Christian churches who appreciate the richness of sacred art, the bible and spirituality. We currently distribute printed Sunday Bulletin covers to over 300 parishes in the United States and Canada, printing over 40,000 copies per week.

The bulletin service is owned and managed by Mr. Jack Figel. Weekly commentary, design and artwork are provided by Msgr. George Dobes.

Providing bulletins covers for fifteen years, our customers have appreciated the tone and beauty they provide.


  Some of our clients have commented:

"great stories that teach a lesson"

"when we gave out the colored icon bulletins, they all went"

"superb way to educate the parish on the liturgical calendar and saints"

"your service is perfect and on time".